How to Close High-Ticket Sales over the Phone 

high-ticket sales close

Many on-line sales funnels close at 1% to 3 %, but phone sales can close at a much higher percent. Below you will see typical phone sales close percentages.


  • Crappy is 5%
  • Good is 10%
  • Great is 20%

One of the most important stages of selling is closing the deal, which is the actions taken by the sales person to gain agreement to the sale. There are many closing techniques in sales, which are prescribed actions that sales people take to persuade the customer to make the necessary commitment. Today we are going to share a simple 6 step method to address your potential buyers objections and close sale.

 What are the five most often heard objections.

  1. Time (I don’t have time right now)
  2. Money (I don’t have money right)
  3. Information (send me more information in an email)
  4. Partner (I have to talk with my partner before I do anything)
  5. Trust (I don’t really trust you)

 Six steps to overcome the buyers objections.

  1. Listen to them completely without interrupting them
  2. When a customer brings up an objection first thank them for doing so. Then repeat back the objections and reassure them of the solution.
  3. Tell them I want to reassure you that most people are just like you.
  4. Remind them why they came to you in the first place and realign them to their ultimate goal, and then tell them a story of someone who was just like them to reframe them in a similar situation. Identify a before and after in the story of someone who used your product or service to achieve their desired result.
  5. Ask your buyer to describe his / her future:
  • How would that feel
  • How would that look
  • How would that sound
  1. Once you feel that they are on board, simply ask them: “Would you prefer to use a credit card or a bank transfer?”

Don’t forget the caveat in all of this. If people feel tricked or otherwise betrayed, they will not only not buy from you now, they may well never buy from you ever again or even turn all their friends against you. Try to be well-prepared for any sales situation you might encounter.

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