We just completed an 8 day trip attending Matt Lloyd’s Titanium Mastermind in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The educational and networking endeavor consisted of a 3 day Traffic Summit and then the 4 day mastermind. It was located at an amazing all inclusive resort Barceló Bávaro Palace Deluxe. There was really no reason to ever leave the massive resort located right on the beach with numerous pools, restaurants, golf courses and entertainment. I attended the event with my business partner Sarah Harris and our focus for the event was education and networking with the MOBE community.

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During our time in Punta Cana we heard from some of the best Internet Marketing speakers on the Planet. Speakers like Kevin Harrington (from the Shark Tank), John Lee, Tom Beal, Matt Lloyd, Daven Michaels, Marshall Sylver, and Paul O’Mahony who each shared some amazing content with us. Our days at the event were long, but extremely informative. Usually we started with an early breakfast where we identified things we needed to get done for our on line business while attending the event. Typically we were in the classroom by 8:30am till 6pm and we even had a good number of group evening activities.

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Those evening activities included cocktail parties, dinners, local entertainment, speaker presentations and my favorite where every in the room probably laughed harder than they had in a long time was when Marshall Sylver performed his hypnotist show using the Mastermind attendees as his subjects. If in the past you might have thought hypnotists were fake, there was no one in the room that had that opinion any more after the show.

In addition to the professional speakers that presented at the event there were a ton of MOBE affiliate leaders who made extremely informative presentations sharing exactly what they were doing to earn MOBE commissions. Presenters like John Chow, Shaqir Hussyin, TJ Rohleder, Chris Lakey ,Yannick van den Bos and Norbert Orlewicz. Seeing what they are doing with some of their active marketing funnels was one of the highlights of my trip. In additional to the group activities we had plenty of time during meals and in the evening to network with our old and new friends where we could share information and ideas to improve each other’s businesses. We even got a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful pools and beaches.

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So my top three likes about Matt Lloyd Titanium Mastermind event.

1. Networking with old MOBE friends and making amazing new friends.

2. Informative Education throughout the event

3. Laughing harder than we have in a VERY long time at the Marshall Sylver Hypnotist Show!

Recommendation: Join the MOBE Community and start to educate yourself with their massive training library. Get to the Live events, which is the best place to grow your business via networking and talking to the affiliates who are making it happen. The best secrets for success will be shared at Live events. If you are already in MOBE make sure you position yourself so you can get to some of the events.

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