Successful Entrepreneur’s Finish These Tasks Before Noon

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It is suggested that early birds are generally happier than night owls. Self-professed “morning people” reported feeling happier and healthier than night owls. Is it because could be because our society caters to a morning person’s schedule. It’s certainly true that the working world does. Working “9-to-5” is more than an expression, but a standard shift for many Americans. It also stands to reason that those who like rising with the sun are also the most productive people in the world. They complete more tasks before noon then many people complete in a day or two.

Do you want to be more like them? Then take note of the steps below that these high-functioning, productive, and more awake entrepreneurs have completed before lunch:

  • They make a to-do list the day before. Many swear by having a written to-do list, but not everyone agrees on when you need to compose it The opportune time to plan a day’s tasks is the night before. “Some people like to do the to-do schedule in the morning, but then they might have already lost key productive time writing it out.” he says. It helps to do that to-do schedule the night before. It also will help you sleep better.
  • They get a full night’s sleep. Speaking of sleeping better … lack of sleep affects your concentration level, and therefore, your productivity. Whatever your gold standard is for a “good night’s rest,” strive to meet it every day you need a productive next morning. Most health experts advise getting a minimum eight hours of shut-eye each night.
  • They avoid alarm snooze button. Petitioning for nine more minutes, then nine more, then another nine is a slippery slope that leads to falling back asleep and falling behind on your morning routine. Ultimately it also leads to lateness. Anyone can be made into a morning person. Anyone can make morning their most productive time. If you get proper sleep at night, you’re going to be waking up with all your energy, and accomplishing key tasks will be easy.
  • They exercise. Exercise improves mood and energy levels. Not only that, better time-management skills, and an improved mental sharpness will help you succeed. You will be amazed with the extra energy you will have to help complete your tasks before noon.
  • They practice a morning ritual. Add a morning ritual aside from your morning exercise routine. Whether you opt to meditate, read the newspaper, read a book or surf the Web, It’s important to have that quiet time with just you.
  • They eat breakfast. Food provides the fuel you’ll need to concentrate, and breakfast is particularly important since it recharges you after you’ve fasted all night. Try munching on something light and healthy in the morning, and avoid processed carbohydrates that could zap your energy. Since you have an aggressive schedule to accomplish key tasks before noon, you need to eat well and make sure you are not thinking about food and lose productivity and focus.
  • They arrive at a particular place. Have a place to work. A home office or it could be an office outside your home that you have available. Maybe you work at Starbucks for two hours to get away from the hectic activities at your house in the early am.
  • They check in with their partners and employees. You want your partners and employees (whether they are virtual or not) are aligned with your objectives for the day. You don’t want to be getting a call at 4pm saying something did not get done that needed to be completed. So make sure you check in with them is on your list as a task before noon.
  • They tackle the big tasks first. You can dive right into work upon arriving to your work location, since you made your to-do list the night before. Start with the hardest task when you are most refreshed. If you complete your key tasks before noon, maybe you can have a nice lunch with your family and off to the golf course in the afternoon. That’s a great place to brainstorm with your partner or a client.
  • They avoid morning meetings. I’m not talking about a quick status update with your employees or partners. I’m talking about brainstorming meetings etc. You’re in charge, so you pick the best times and schedule them in the afternoon or evening. Morning meeting could rob your peak performance and that of your partners and employees.
  • They plan time for following up on messages. Checking their inbox every couple of minutes takes time away from important tasks. Instead, set a schedule to check and respond to email in increments. Consider doing so at the top of each hour, to ensure that clients, etc. receive prompt responses from you.
  • They take a break mid-morning   Get up and stretch your legs. Or stay seated and indulge in a little Internet surfing. Maybe even a quick 10 minute video game. It’s actually good to zone out on Facebook and Twitter or send a personal text message or two. You should take 10-minute breaks occasionally.  It will keep you refreshed. Just don’t get carried away and overdo it and waste time or you will not get done your planned tasks before noon.

If you start to follow this process like other Top Entrepreneurs and complete tons of tasks before noon your success will skyrocket.

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