Submitting Articles to Search EnginesSubmitting Articles to Search Engines and Directories

By far one of the most effective ways of improving your search engine rankings is through writing and submitting articles. But what are article submissions and just why are they so important?

What you need to do as a webmaster is write an article about something related to the subject of your website. For example, if you ran a website about Saving Money you could write an article about how others could become Money Savers, or how to save money using coupon – basically anything you want to so long as it relates to your website topic. Somewhere in the article you include a link to your website, and you then submit your article to ‘article directories’ on the Internet. An article directory is a repository of lots of articles that people have submitted.

We all know the top 3 search engines are Google (65% of searches), Yahoo (15% of searches) and Bing (13% of searches). The remaining 7% searches engines can still help us drive traffic, but for less.

The following table details many of them and how to submit to them.

Search   Engine/Directory

Main   URL

How   to Submit

AlltheWeb Submit at
AltaVista Submit at
AOL Search Submit via Google   ( Does not accept site submissions.
Best of the Web Paid submittal at
Gigablast Submit at
JoeAnt Submit at
Open Directory Go to appropriate category page   and click Suggest URL.
Starting Point Paid submittal at
Wikia Search Click the Add button on any   relevant search results page.

Using Website Submittal Services

As easy as this site submittal process is, some webmasters prefer to offload the task to a site submittal service. These services let you enter your URL once and then submit your site to multiple search engines and directories; they handle all the details required by each search engine. Given that many of these services are free, it’s not a bad way to go.

Using Website Submittal Tools (Even Better)

But stayed tuned I’ll be reviewing some tools in future articles that will do this for going forward and be set-up for any revenue stream you work with. And it will run automatically going

Increasing your search optimization is key to driving traffic to you blog or website, and the process couldn’t be easier. Good luck, and happy searching!

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