Opt In Advertising Campaigns Can Really Help You Grow Your List and Generate Some Very Nice Returns For Your Online Business Using Solo Ads

Opt In Advertising



Ever since the start of list building, marketers have been using opt in advertising to grow email lists in the thousands. One of the best ways is to drive traffic using solo ads. If you’d like to rapidly grow your list starting today, creating an opt in advertising campaign using solo ads is the way to go. Seriously, they are the only guaranteed way of quickly building a list. Once you’ve got that initial list, you can continue grow your list for free using opt in advertising strategies like ad swaps.

Until you’ve got that initial list, it’s a bit of an uphill battle. You could spend your time doing article marketing, video marketing or other free marketing strategies or you could eliminate the struggle and spend some money. And… if you are going to spend some money, there’s nothing better than creating an opt in advertising campaign buying traffic via solo ads.

So what are solo ads?

Solo ads are where you pay to have your email swipe with your links sent to someone else’s list. You actually get your entire email sent out to someone else’s subscribers. Lucky for us, there are thousands of marketers selling solo ads. The whole idea of buying solo ads is to “steal” other people’s subscribers in your niche. Using an opt in advertising campaign the solo ads seller is offering his subscribers to see you email swipe and internet links to your Free or paid offer.

You simply send other people’s subscribers to your own capture page and therefore “steal” them when they opt in. Out of all the paid list building strategies, solo ads are by far the best. Just think about it, what you would rather pay for:

  1. Visitors who say they are interested in your niche.
  2. Visitors who are definitely interested, are subscribed to a related list and are getting a recommendation to check out your stuff

I’ll take #2 any day of the week “Got to love Solo Ads”

Solo Ads

Solo Ads are amazing and you can literally use them to borrow someone else’s list for a day. Getting 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 or more clicks with super high conversions in a matter of hours. So you must have good email swipe for your Solo Ads to be opened by the email recipient. The body of your email swipe must convince the reader of the email to click on your link. And since one of your goals is to build your list we need a very good opt in advertising capture page. The capture page needs to make the person who clicked the link in the solo ads body want to enter his / her information (Email and maybe a name and a phone number). The less information you ask for, the higher the opt in advertising conversion rate will be.  If you have the money, solo ads are the first thing you should buy. Here is an excellent example of a very good solo ads provider http://my-solo-ads.com

If you have a solid one-time offer (OTO) in place with a good opt-in advertising campaign for these new subscribers, you can eventually get a campaign going where you’re making more money in OTO sales than you spend on solo ads. So really the subscribers are free. (An OTO is where you present subscribers with a one-time offer straight after they opt-in – Your OTO can be an affiliate product or your own, it’s up to you)

With most solo ads, people set their own price for a mailing to their list. The majority of solo ads providers will give you a guaranteed number of clicks per mailing. If they don’t meet the number of clicks, they have to either refund you or do another mailing. There are two types of clicks raw clicks and unique clicks. Raw clicks occur when a subscriber of the list clicks on one of your links more than once. So when we a solo ads sellers guarantees clicks he mean unique clicks.

No solo ads sellers want you sending junk to their list! So they will only approve your solo ad if you have a good email with something GOOD to offer their subscribers. This is where your unique offer and high converting opt in advertising campaign comes in. If you have a free report or video series, getting solo ads will be a piece of cake. Some solo ads providers will not offer solo ads to some of the larger more prominent programs like Empower Network. Or they might charge a few more cents per click.

Obviously you want a super offer with an opt in advertising campaign that’s proven to boost conversions. You just need something like a free report, a download a webinar etc of some sort that will appeal to the people in your niche. Then there’s the cost. Seriously don’t worry about the cost, set aside $100 for testing out a few Solo Ads. You can actually get them for $20 to $60 for 100 clicks.


Once your Opt in advertising campaign using traffic from solo ads… Use One Time Offers – Over time you’ll realize just how powerful solo ads are, especially if you have a one-time offer in place. A one- time offer will allow you to instantly recoup the investment you made in a solo. I’ll usually pitch something right after I deliver the freebie with my auto-responder follow-up campaign or exit pop-up page.

So it’s time to take action and see what solo ads can do for you. Click Here to be taken to a reputable solo ads provider. My-Solo-Ads.com will do a fabulous job taking care of your solo ads needs whether you’re new to solo ads or an experienced marketer.

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