How To Advertise Products On TV…

So you want to advertise products on TV at a National level,  and you just do not know where to turn.  Maybe you just need more exposure of your business or your brand.  Advertising can be so expensive if we want to do it nationally on television. It’s very hard to get on QVC, the Home Shopping. Not to mention all the red tape and restrictions required to work with them. Maybe you don’t have a physical product, but still want national exposure.  I found an alternative way to get massive exposures using television to advertise products on TV.

Advertise Products on TV

Potential Goals for National Exposure on TV

  • Advertise products on TV
  • Advertise services on TV
  • Advertise business on TV
  • Advertise and brand with TV

Get National Television Exposure and Reach 90 Million Households in the United States

John Scherer the founder and former CEO of the Video Professor, who sold almost a Billion dollars of product on national television wants to help you get the exposure you are looking for on Television. He will show you how to advertise products on TV, or your service, brand or business on TV. John has a new TV show that runs on the Discovery Channel and wants to put your product, service, brand or business on TV. He wants to work with you and help get you national exposure.

John has been seen on most every national TV networks over the years like ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, every major cable station like Discovery Channel and more. He’s even been talked about on TV by Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel. His experience can help you get the exposure to take your business to the next level.

Advertise Products On TV

Why You Need Your Product, Service, Brand or Business on TV 

When your product, service, brand or business gets seen on TV everything starts to change.

  • Separates you from your competition – If two products are available one on TV and one not – the one on TV instantly gets chosen
  • Branding – Being on TV builds your product and your product’s name and recognition
  • Credibility – Your seen as bigger and better just because you’ve appeared on TV
  • Increases conversion in other areas – not only will more companies want to work with you – but your conversion rates in those other distribution channels will be higher
  • Gets you known as the top consumer brand for your category – i.e.  Rosetta Stone.

Some examples of what John Scherer can give national exposure to on Television 

Bands, Books, Brand Yourself, Brand Your Business, Brand Your Products, Clothing Products, Comedians, Consumer Electronics, eBooks, Financial Products, Health Products, Household Products, Inventions, Kids Products, Mobile Apps, Mobile Games, New Products, Professional Services, Services, Travel Destinations, Video Games and many more.

Are You Ready To Get Started? Start The Process To Advertise Products On TV Now!

Just think about what putting your product in front of 90 million households could do for your business? John and his staff are ready to share their knowledge with you right now! For more information on how to advertise products on tv, head over to and get started today!

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