My business partner Sarah and myself recently had the opportunity to do a webinar for Mobe affiliates on high converting sales funnels. Our company One Team, LLC is an internet marketing company where we focus on delivering products and services to our clients who need help in building their online businesses.  Our experience is extensive in the areas of traffic, sales funnels and affiliate marketing. is our traffic business that delivers high quality targeted traffic to our clients 365 days a year. We also have delivered over 200 custom sales funnels to our clients over the last several years. So when Matt Lloyd asked us if we could do a webinar on sales funnels Sarah and I said yes right away. The only challenge we had in presenting this live webinar to Matt’s Mobe affiliates was that Sarah and I never delivered webinar before.

So just like any other project, we worked on plan, laid out our webinar agenda and started to develop some quality content to share. We understood our audience pretty well because the average Mobe affiliate is basically one of our customer avatars.

Since it was our first webinar, Sarah and I reached out to a few of our friends in the IM space that had a lot experience with webinars and selling and asked for some advice and tweaks. Tiji who’s amazing at closing high ticket products over the phone gave us some strategies  on transitioning our presentation from teaching to selling. Robert who sells a lot of IM products and tools using webinars shared with us a few key tips for creating urgency in the buyer. Brenda and Justin who teach internet marketers how to sell on webinars shared a webinar blueprint that highlighted a few tweaks that needed to be made as well as ways to keep attendees engaged.  Its important to ask questions and take advice from marketers who have more experience then you do in specific areas.

Going into the day of the webinar we knew our presentation was solid and would give tremendous value to our webinar attendees. In fact we wanted to share a few things that  funnel builders just do not share so even the intermediate on line marketer was going to walk away with something they could apply.  Sarah and I  had complete confidence in our knowledge of teaching high converting sales funnels. And the most important item was that we had an extremely targeted product / service to market to this audience and we both have a lot of experience selling this product to our clients.

We had over 800 attendees registered for the webinar. The evening of the webinar I was pretty nervous, but by the time the webinar started and the interaction between Sarah and myself I was relaxed in no time. Steven from Mobe was great moderating the webinar. and helping us  open and close the webinar.

Once we completed our training for the evening we offered a very targeted product / service to the Mobe affiliate webinar  attendees. We also gave away some insane fast action bonuses that I’m sure helped increase our sales. We had 320 attendees on the webinar that evening  which was a very good crowd. A few technical challenges existed throughout the evening, but despite those surprises the  70 minute webinar brought in over $27,000. Remember this was our very first webinar. In fact we almost tripled the sales of the prior highest seller on the marketplace that evening.

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