To be able to achieve goals and happiness you need the skills of influence and persuasiveness.  These skills are very useful in everyday life. They can be used at home, work, and in your social life.

When you learn the tricks of persuasion you gain insight when they are being used on you. As you realize how sales people and advertisers sell you products you don’t really need, the benefit of learning about persuasion will be money in your pocket.
Key actions to influence and persuade others:


When there is a limited availability of opportunities, whatever they are, seem more appealing. Advertisers use this one a lot. You have to stop and consider how much you are being influenced by the fact a product is scarce. This is a method of persuasion you have to be aware even though to the average person it might be the right situation to for them.

We feel compel to return favors when someone does something for us. Try to do something nice for someone first if you want them to do the same for you.  In a business setting, maybe you pass them a lead. If at home, maybe it’s you letting the neighbor borrow a ladder. It doesn’t matter where or when you do it, the key is to compliment the relationship.

Timing is everything. When people are mentally fatigued they are more likely to be agreeable. Try asking someone for something they might not be quick to agree to when they have had a strenuous day. It could be at the end of a work day you could ask someone at work to do something and they are likely to answer that they will take care of it tomorrow.

 Verbal Communication
 When we hear people talk they often us hesitant phrases such as “ummm”, or “I mean” and of course “like”. Others will be more easily persuaded by what you say if you are confident in your speech. Confidence is the key. You’re in charge of the audience!
Pack Behavior

You want people to follow you. It is true we are all natural born followers. We have the need for acceptance and are constantly looking to those around us to determine our actions. Be a leader. It is a simple way to use this to your advantage.

 Friends, Associates and Authorities
People in an authority position are more likely to have followers and are very persuasive. It is good to be aware of when persuasive techniques are being used on you. You can also use this on others because you will get people to like you and establish authority within groups.

Work some of these ideas into to your everyday life and you will see yourself selling more, people doing more favors for you, or becoming a master of delegation and persuasion at work.

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