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Matt LLoyd and the Underdogs Futuristic Marketing Exclusive Bonuses

Fast Action Bonuses

For the FIRST person to order Futuristic Marketing from this page, on Monday, July 25th,  (NOTE: Usually Jonathan will open the shopping cart 1 hour early for the ‘early birds’… so if you wanna win the Ipad- be at your computer and keep refreshing the page- you will need to be fast!) here’s what’s coming your way (Bonus’s For Everyone):


1st Person To Order Gets A Free 11 inch Macbook Air (Worth $999.00) + The ‘M.O.B.E. License Rights Program’ (Worth $2,000)


With the latest Intel processors and graphics and faster flash storage, the ultimate everyday notebook is better than ever.

Plus, you’ll also get set up in my M.O.B.E. License Rights Program.  If you have no idea what that is, here’s the sales letter:  http://myonlinebusinessempire.com/licenserightsprogram/

Here’s a whole bunch of people, who’ve made a lot of money with it:  http://myonlinebusinessempire.com/licenserightsprogram/casestudies/ (see the 3rd one down- not bad for 45 days, right?)

2nd Person To Order Gets A Free 32 GB Ipad (Worth $759.00) + ’10,000 Leads In 100 Days’ (Worth $2,000)

Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus- Free Ipad
The 2st Person To Order On July 25th is gonna get a FREE Ipad! I will hand it to you personally at my ‘Add The Nitrous‘ live event (which you’ll also get a free ticket to as part of your bonus)You’ll also get my $2,000 program, ’10,000 Leads In 100 Days’ for free- you can see the sales letter here:  http://myonlinebusinessempire.com/gettenthousandleads/  

3rd Person To Order Gets A Free 8 GB Ipod (Worth $289.00)

Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus- Free Ipod
2nd Person To Order Their ‘Futuristic Marketing’ Ticket From This Page Gets A Free 8 GB Touch Ipod! – You only get 1 ok? I couldn’t find a pic with just 1 ipod…

My personal Ipod has probably over $10,000 worth of info-products on it. Whenever I’m driving to and from the office, or walking down the street to get a cup of coffee, you’ll see me with my headphones in.

People seeing me probably think I’m just another young punk listening to the latest itunes… but truth be told, I’m getting the best education in direct response marketing that money can buy. Trust me on that- I spent 4 years at University, but compared to what I’ve learned from seeking out my own mentors (guys like Jonathan Budd) uni was a waste of time… like someone once said:

“A formal educaton will make you a living... self education will make you a fortune.”

So if you don’t currently listen everyday ‘money-making’ audio training on an ipod… you should. It’s one of the best habits you can develop.

4th Person To Order Gets A Free MontBlanc Starwalker Fountain Pen


From the website:  “The Starwalker Fountain Pen has become a testament of growth.Though the classic style is often imitated, the insignia of Mont Blanc Pen is remains an icon of attained adulthood and status…”

5th Person To Order Gets A Free Ipod Shuffle

Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus
The baby brother of the Ipod Touch above…

This little baby is still capable of storing 2Gb of info products on it… I use mine everytime I go running- I find the Ipod above is just too damn big. So keep fit with your new Ipod Shuffle… and by staying fit, you’ll build a better business- trust me on that.


Futuristic Marketing  – Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson


Futuristic Marketing

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