Jonathan Bubb Mark Hoverson Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson are going to be launching a brand new product in the biggest Internet Marketing launch of 2012 – Futuristic Marketing.

Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson are going to be launching a brand new product in the biggest Internet Marketing launch of 2012 –  Futuristic Marketing.  Futuristic Marketing created by Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson is a brand new product they are launching  in what is going to be the biggest marketing Launch of 2012. Monday, July 16 the first video will be available and you will learn firsthand about their new product which is going to change the Internet marketing world!  In addition to that, they will teach us what the rest of 2012 and the future has in store for the industry. Both Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson will reveal their exact tried and true strategies, as well as secrets that will put you light years ahead of your competitors.

Remember, Jonathan and Mark are not only leaders, they are innovators in the internet marketing field. Both of them are bad ass entrepreneurs! I personally have not spent much time working with Mark, but I have spent a lot of time working with Jonathan and his trainings. I attended a few seminars in San Diego during the summer of 2011 and one of  the highlights was hanging out at JB’s house for a cool party. And yes they are really competitive about ping pong and foosball at his house.

Keep in mind it will not matter if you are doing internet marketing, mlm , affiliate marketing or any other business online,  you WILL be able to benefit from the Futuristic Marketing program. The product / training will identify what is working in the internet marketing field right now, what’s going to work tomorrow and in the future when marketing online.

Futuristic Marketing

Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson’s Futuristic Marketing is actually 2 coaching programs… combined into one.

#1. Futuristic Traffic.

#2. Futuristic Influence.

And 2 Software Solutions…combined into one.

#1. Facebook Lead Accelerator

#2. Futuristic Influence Machine

In addition to that, they are delivering world class & first of their kind software solutions that are COMPLETELY compatible to the coaching.

An interesting twist on the Futuristic Marketing product launch is the first content piece, titled the Marketers Test. They have created a whole new front end process in the program launch that is not a standard capture page. Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson developed an interactive quiz, called the futuristic marketing test, that will give people a rating on where they stand on their mindset skills, their traffic skills, and their conversion skills. Participants will know how much money they could potentially earn on the internet. The Marketers Test goal is to help people see areas where they can improve their marketing skill sets. Follow up videos go into detail about how to improve those skills and develop influential tactics

Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson will help us take our businesses to the next level with the most cutting edge marketing tools in Futuristic Marketing. They will also help us convert our leads into loyal customers. It really is time to start marketing like a guru and continue to invest in your education and your online businesses if you want to be successful in 2012 and future.

One Team, LLC will be teaming up with industry leaders for this launch and we will be offering you FREE BONUSES that will blow all the other offers away… Our Team is called “Matt Lloyd and the Underdogs”. And our plan is to win it all.

 We will be offering three types of Bonuses:

  • TEAM – Fast Action Bonuses (Details)

  • TEAM – Bonuses For Everyone (Details)

  • ONE TEAM, LLC Bonuses EXCLUSIVE For Everyone who buys using the OneTeamLLC Link

    • FREE 30 Minutes of 1 on 1 Phone Consulting with a Full Time Fortune 100 Professional Consultant who is also Part Time Internet Marketer.

    • 1 FREE Custom Website/Blog Header AND 1 Custom Advertising Banner created by a Full Time Professional Web Designer

You will not want to miss what is coming at you next week on July 16th.

Futuristic Marketing  – Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson

Futuristic Marketing

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