“Will ‘Futuristic Marketing’ be yet another one of those courses you buy, leave sitting on your shelf collecting dust, and make absolutely no money with?”

Unfortunately, the answer for most is probably YES.

A lot of people won’t like me for saying that… but, in most cases, that is the truth.

And why is that?  Is it because people like you are lazy, and don’t want to make more money in your online business?

Is it because the course won’t be that good?

No, it’s none of those reasons.

It’s because you are already incredibly busy… and, if you’re like I was, you struggle to find time to wade through the ocean of information already out there, to weed out the specific actionable steps that will put money into your pocket.

See, you don’t make money from buying information though… you only make money fromIMPLEMENTING that information.

My name is Matt Lloyd.  I’m 25 years old… I’m probably Jonathan Budd’s most well known student, and my best month in my online business has been $149,500 (May 2012) in revenue.

Jonathan asked me to do 3 modules in the actual ‘Futuristic Marketing’ program – more than any other trainer involved, which says something.

I’m also in the top 3 partners promoting this program (out of over 15,000 partners).

And you know what?

It BOTHERS me to think that you will buy ‘Futuristic Marketing,’ a product I’m investing a LOT of time into, and putting my own name on, and you won’t get any results with it…

Which is why I’ve created the Futuristic Marketing Implementation Program ($4,000 Value)

Futuristic Marketing implementation coaching

What is it?

Like the name says, it’s all about IMPLEMENTING what you learn in Futuristic Marketing, so you can make some MONEY with it, and get real results.

This implementation program will last for 8 weeks.  It will be a little intense, but, if you’re serious about making real money in your business, you’ll follow my lead.

I will be the main trainer behind it, leading you by the hand, and showing you every step of the way what exact action steps you need to take, to bring in the money.

You’ll have direct access to me, on the live workshops, and, in my private mastermind Facebook group.  If you ask me a question, you’ll be able to get an answer within 12 hours.

Matt Lloyd’s Promise To You Is This:

If you enrol in the ‘Futuristic Marketing Implementation Program, you attend every single live workshop, and you don’t make your first $10,000 in the next 2 months as a result of being involved, I will buy back ‘Futuristic Marketing’ from you at full cost.

That’s right… I’ll give you $500 out of my own pocket.  Like I said, I’m putting my own name on this program, so I know it’s gonna be good, and I’m willing to back that up with an insane guarantee.

There’s 2 ways you can become involved in the ‘Futuristic Marketing Implementation Program.’

1.)  Use this order link, and buy it for $4,000.00

2.)  Simply order Futuristic Marketing through this link here:



You will then receive an email from my team within 24 hours, confirming you’re in.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m willing to give you this program for Free?

Well, to be completely upfront with you, part of the reason is, I’m an affiliate for the course.

Meaning if you buy through me… I will get a small commission.

Regardless of who you buy from, the program will be the same price, and you’ll get the same core content.

But if you get it from me, as my way of saying thanks, I’ll give you the ‘Futuristic Marketing Implementation Program’ for FREE.

I want you to get results with this program, so, in this 60 day program we’ll be focusing on ACTION.

I’ll implement what was taught in the program myself, in my own business.

Then, you’ll see my exact results- and I’ll explain to you, step-by-step, how you can model what I did.

NOTE:  Beware of IMITATORS. I guarantee you, within days of posting this, you will see a bunch of other affiliates creating their own ‘implementation programs’ and trying to copy what I’ve done here.

The problem is, NONE of them are as intimately as involved in the creation of ‘Futuristic Marketing’ – and therefore, will not truly know the exact steps to implement the knowledge.  They will be learning it for the first time, just like you… whereas I’ll be teaching you everything I know from experience– meaning you get to see real life case studies of it working.

In total, there will be 8 main workshops, held once per week.

At the end, we will ALL meet up in San Diego, for the ‘Add The Nitrous’ event…

There will be a couple hundred people at this event.

The speakers will be some of the main people behind Futuristic Marketing- including Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, and yours truly.

You can see the sales letter for ‘Add The Nitrous’ here: http://addthenitrous.com

Matt Lloyd Event Ticket

It’s a $5,000 event, but, you get a free ticket if you choose to purchase ‘Futuristic Marketing’ through my link here:



The schedule of our Implementation Program:

August 1st

All of our implementation workshops will be recorded. So, if you miss one or two of them, don’t worry – you can catch up.

Before I close this out, I want you to be very honest with yourself.

What you don’t need at this point, is to buy yet another course, and get no results with it.

What you need, is help implementing what you learn inside of FM, so you can actually make money with it.

You can show your spouse that internet marketing is a viable way to make money… you can quit your job and work from home… you can take more holidays, go to more live events, etc…

And that is EXACTLY what the Futuristic Marketing Implementation Program is all about.

If you’d like to be a part of it, simply use the link below to get Futuristic Marketing, and I’ll get back to you shortly with confirmation.



P.S. If you have any questions about the above, email us at jraspa@oneteamllc.com

Futuristic Marketing  – Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson

Futuristic Marketing

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