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Free Virtual Phone Number for the Entrepreneur

A virtual telephone number or virtual number is a telephone number without being directly-associated with a phone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to be forwarded to either a voice over IP (VoIP – voice over internet protocol) service, or to a different phone line, fixed or mobile. A virtual phone service typically will professionally answer, route, and manage your phone calls. These service provides are typically who you would acquire your virtual phone number from. A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. I find that many new entrepreneurs prefer to work out of their house if they do not need to employee to many people or have the need to bring customers or vendors to their place of business. We see more and more of this every day. If your virtual office is at your house, I would recommend using a local mail service company to provide you with a mail box that you can use as your business mailing address rather than your personal home address. If you do not need a live person to always answer your business phone, a virtual phone number from a service company will be a great option for your business.

Problem Statement
The entrepreneur / small business owner needs to stay connected their potential and existing customers. When you’re working or not working you need a method track those whether you answer them or not. You want the flexibility to receive those calls when you want to and wherever you want to receive them. The ability to decide on taking those calls or not can be extremely important to you. Today you use a phone line and an answering machine or service to take those calls. You have bills that are associated to those telecommunication expenses. Maybe you have to carry and pay for a separate business cell phone to address the situation. Maybe you pay for both. Sometimes have to pay for conference call center usage when you have to organize a small conference. These are all challenges for the entrepreneur / small business owner.

Existing Options
As we stated above you could be using a business phone line and answering machine or service. The use of a second cell phone could be your current solution. We hope you’re not using your personal cell phone for all your current, previous and potential customers.
A major development that started in 2004 was the introduction of mass-market VoIP services that utilize existing broadband Internet access, by which subscribers place and receive telephone calls in much the same manner as they would via the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Full-service VoIP phone companies provide inbound and outbound service with Direct Inbound Dialing. Many offer unlimited domestic calling for a flat sometimes includes international calls to certain countries. Phone calls between subscribers of the same provider are usually free when flat-fee service is not available. There are tons of companies out there that offer virtual phone numbers and virtual phone service. I few you might have heard of as follows:,,, etc. All of these companies are offer virtual phone numbers and service. Most of them offer tons of features. Some of them can even handle medium sized companies virtually, but all of them have fees associated with their service. Some of them can even get monthly fees under $10 per month, but with very limited features compared to stepped up features with higher pricing. I found that I needed to spend at about $15 per month to get decent services I need as an entrepreneur. And I used these services in the past from one of those companies. I will say their service was great and they supplied me with what I needed. I would have liked a few more features, but I was not willing to pay extra for them at the time. I will say that if you have a small office with more then 3 or 4 people the solution I will be discussing is probably not the best option. I would use one of the other companies I listed. Also if you live outside the United States my solution is not an option at this time.

So how can you get a free virtual phone number?

One Team, LLC Solution
The organization we will be connecting you with is much larger than the other companies I mentioned in this white paper document. And the best part is the service including the virtual phone number is free. Once you choose your virtual phone number in any US area code. You can use that number to send and receive text messages, record voicemails and even receive and make calls over the Internet. To your caller this is your phone number. It becomes extremely useful when you attach it to the number associated with your mobile or landline phone. This method will allow you to use you current handheld devices if you choose. In fact with a smart phone you can make a call directly from your phone showing the user your virtual phone number. That’s right; two phone numbers on your current mobile phone. For those of you who already have an established that you want to use as your virtual number the service does offer number porting. The ability to search and prioritize your calls via a voice inbox is included. Imagine if you could manage your phone calls just like your emails inbox. You can with this service. It will turn your caller’s voice message into text and place it right in your inbox. You can then forward the text and voice clip for a co-worker or team member to handle call if you choose. Your customers, business contacts, etc. can be placed in groups so you could have different call rules or greetings for them. Think of the possibilities if you could set-up your virtual business anywhere in the United States. You could create a virtual office in New York and another one in Los Angeles.

Remember your virtual phone number will allow you to send incoming calls your virtual voice mail inbox while you’re sleeping or working on a heads down project. Or maybe you work a 9-5 job during the day and you’re an entrepreneur part-time. Send calls to your home phone when you at your desk or receive certain groups of calls to your mobile phone at the beach. You make the choice and change it as necessary.
Some key features:
 One number to call multi devices
 Voicemail transcription
 Personalized greetings by groups
 Screen and Block callers
 Conference calls
 Number porting
 SMS to email
 Mobile applications
The virtual phone system is designed to help entrepreneurs stay connected and sound professional.
A Virtual phone number is a real phone number that has been detached from any physical phone line. This dramatically increases the flexibility and decreases operational costs, while maintaining telecom quality and improving redundancy. With virtual phone numbers, users can roam – and still answer the phone
Did I mention that over one million people are already getting the benefits of a free phone number?

Next Step
We can help you acquire, set-up and configure your Free Virtual Phone Number if you’re in the United States.
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Virtual Phone Service providers can supply you with a virtual phone number with features that can aid you, your business, your customers and your business associates. It can even give you more freedom to spend time doing the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy being with. While still keeping in touch with your business at all times if you choose to. There are many virtual service providers that can help you with your business. They do charge for their services and One Team, LLC will be giving you this free eBook with all the details to set-up your free virtual phone number. Are you an entrepreneur looking for more great resources check our our Entrepreneur’s Resources Page

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