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Did you know that Google will let new advertisers try Google Adwords for FREE? Well they sure will! Google offers coupons for Free Google Adwords Advertising in different domination’s. So how do I get hooked up with Free Google Adwords Advertising? There are several methods that can be used to make that happen. This Free Google Adwords Advertising will help you with your initial learning curve of working with Google Adwords. Or the more experienced internet marketer can just get Free Google Adwords Advertising.

There are several techniques that you can use to acquire the coupons for Free Google Adwords Advertising

If you are going to be advertising on Google there is a good chance that you either already own or are going to be purchasing a Hosting account. HostGator is a good example of a hosting service that many internet marketers use. HostGator gives a $100 Free Google Adwords coupon when you sign up. This can be used with any new Google Adwords account. Think about this…Your $9.95 a month HostGator account gives you $100 back. Pretty good deal if you need a hosting account.

Another way to acquire a Free Google Adwords coupon is to setup a Google Adwords account. Setup and advertising campaign, pick keywords etc. Pause the ad and wait for approval. After two –four weeks of you having an approved add on a new account that is not running Google usually sends you an offer for a free Google Adwords coupon.

My favorite method is to use Fiverr. is a website where you can get all sorts of items and services for $5. This site is really cool, but some gigs suck so make sure you sorts by rating. One of the Gigs you can find is two $100 Google Adwords coupons for $5. That’s right $200 of Google Adwords for $5.  So what do I do with two coupons when I only have one Google Adwords account? Set-up a second account. Just make sure your billing method is a different payment method.

So think about this. I’m new to internet marketing or new to using Google Adwords. I want to start using Google Adwords to advertise my product or service. I own two credit cards, a Business Paypal Account and a Personal Paypal account. You can acquire four $100 coupons. That’s $400 in Free Google Adwords Advertising to get your product or service launched.

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