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Maybe you are not doing it right. Are you doing the following?


  •  Building your own email list of subscribers
  • Maximizing your paid traffic by converting a high % of opt in’s
  • Following up on your subscribers with an automated process that converts
  • Using a separate follow-up to convert your buyers with back end offers
  • Manually following up with your hot leads using social media
  • Manually following up with your buyers to help them upgrade to back end products

If you’re not building your email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake.  Everyone’s got an email address which they log into several times a day. Most people with smart phones are signed into their email accounts 24/7 with push notifications enabled. Email is much more personal, direct, and a reliable way to get in touch with most people.

How do you get more people to see your offer? Focus your energy on maximizing conversion rates with the traffic that’s already visiting your site. Until you’ve maximized the number of opt-ins you get from your existing traffic, paying to bring in more is simply throwing money out the window. Higher conversion rates will not only give your subscribers list a nice bump, they’ll allow you to then spend more money on marketing  which will help you grow your list (and your business) in the future.

You should use an auto-responder to manage your subscribers. The subscribers can then be automatically walked through a step by step sequence to receive further emails. The emails that you send should be very targeted to the subscribers that you capture. You can use different follow-up series to help close your subs into paid clients. We would recommend using either Aweber or Get Response as they are both very good commercial auto-responders for internet marketers.

So often when we first go into the internet marketing business to either earn additional income or replace your full time income we think we can do the entire process without ever having to talk to anyone or meeting them in person. Then we soon find out that networking with like minded individuals, attending events, creating joint venture partnerships is required to be successful online. The same thing is important when dealing with your potential hot leads or your customers, you need to communicate with them. The more personal communication the more your hot leads will turn into customers and the more your customers will continue to be loyal to you and buy from you. So don’t be afraid to reach out to your hot leads and customers via social media etc and talk to them. It can result into all sorts of things and it will eventually put more dollars in your bank account.

Fast Start Program MTTB MobePutting a custom front end funnel all together can be very time consuming or costly. In fact many people need help to do it correctly. We have a program called Fast Start. Our Fast Start program will set up a Custom Front End Sales Funnel for your MOBE / MTTB Business in under one week. That’s right… While you’re going through your MTTB 21 step program, and working with your traffic coach, we will be setting up a custom front end MTTB sales funnel for you. Check out our Fast Start program  Let us help you with your MTTB progress and get a better return on your Mobe investment. You will be amazed what our done for you Fast Start  program can do you. If you are currently not working with Mobe go here

In addition to doing a Custom front end for MTTB, we can do custom funnels for other affiliate programs. If you are in MOBE please check out our Fast Start Program.

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