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We are not suggesting that you send this list to your solo ad provider every time you purchase a solo ad. Our recommendation is  that you thoroughly check out the solo ad providers web site prior to buying.  In fact a solo ad provider might get a little annoyed if you ask them 10 solo ad questions  that all can be answered right on their site. While you are reviewing their site in detail look to see if you can answer these questions. The wrong answer could mean they are not the correct solo ad provider for you. If you have a few unanswered questions send them an email with your remaining questions. If it takes them 3-7 days or more to get back to you with an answer… I think you know they are not for you. You want your solo and provider to be responsive. They should be able to get your questions answered in a timely fashion , 24-48 hours is fair.

Ask Your Solo Ad Provider these 10 Questions

  1. What niche does the solo providers focus on? If you are trying to sell teeth whitening and they focus on home business the traffic will probably not work for you.
  2. What percent of the solo run you will be buying will be top tier? Depending on your offer you might need to be working with countries that typically have higher incomes.
  3. Does the solo provider have written and video testimonials? Read and watch the video testimonials and see if the solo provider is qualified to send to your offer for you.
  4. Does the solo providers list work with paid offers? Careful with solo providers who say we only send to free offers when you are trying to get buyers for your offer.
  5. Do the testimonials actually show sales and are the $$ comparable to your offer? Meaning if you are promoting  a $49 offer and the solo testimonials are for $3 sales that solo provider might not work for you and your offer.
  6. Will the solo provider take a look at your squeeze page / sales page and give you feedback for improvements? A solo provider not willing to do this might be interested in just sending you clicks and not very interested in you getting results of opt ins and potential sales.
  7. Does the solo provider offer over delivery? This will lower your price per click so consider that when comparing solo ads.
  8. Does the solo provider include buyers when they send solo traffic to you? Some solo providers do not include their known buyers when they send out solo traffic.
  9. Does the solo provider continuously refresh their list with new subscribers? If you solo providers list is stale they probably already saw your offer and you won’t get conversions.
  10. Is the solo provider selling you unique or raw clicks? You want to make sure its unique clicks in case the subscriber who clicks on your link does it more than once.

Once you are confident that you are working with a quality solo ad provider its time to place your order. Typically solo ad providers will offer 100 – 1000 click packages. The better solo ad providers will even offer top tier traffic.  Some solo ad providers offer click packages in the thousands of clicks. You might start to see a drop off of guaranteeing over delivery of  extra clicks when you get to the larger numbers of clicks packages. Typically solo ad providers that are selling larger click packages do not give over delivery because the clients they work with are not expecting anything for free. They are just expecting targeted traffic to be sent to their quality offer.

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